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Full Packed Holiday Suitcase

6 Travel Essentials to Remember in Your Holiday Case

Holidays are for exploring unfamiliar and exotic places, relaxing with sand between your toes and eating excessive amounts of ice cream (or let’s face it, just excessive amounts of food in general). But if you’ve not packed the right travel essentials, you may find yourself negotiating foreign tech stores to try and find a compatible travel plug instead. Or tossing the contents of your suitcase, underwear and all, onto the airport floor in an attempt to get your bags under the weight limit.

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Jet Washing A Car

Why Pay To Have Your Car Cleaned?

8 out of 10 British drivers are too lazy to wash their own cars, according to a survey, with 78% of respondents stating they opt to have their car washed by someone else because they do a better job.

Yet paying to have your car cleaned can be expensive and a waste of money, especially when the showroom sparkle can be achieved with relative ease at home, by cleaning it yourself.

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