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5 Reasons To Fix It Yourself!

If your appliance breaks down or develops a fault, you have three choices: 1. cry and hope it miraculously comes back to life, 2. Spend hundreds of pounds on buying a new one or 3. fix it yourself!

When your done carrying out number 1, here are 5 reasons why you should chose to fix it yourself! It may sound daunting, but trust us it’s not as bad as you think and we’re here to help you every step of the way!

And if you don’t want to take our word for it, hear from some of our customers too!

Save Money

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This is the big one! A brand new appliance could cost you hundreds and hiring an engineer or handy man to fix the problem could be just as much. ( and that’s not even mentioning the call out charges) Save money and repair your own appliance! Spare parts are a great deal cheaper and with our helpful how-to videos, fixing it can be easy too!

Martin saved nearly £200!

Dishwasher broken down, repair man says to get a new one as it would cost nearly as much to repair as getting a new one. So,I looked up the part on e-spares, purchased it for £45 (it turned up bang on time!) So it really saved me around £150-£200. Also, watched the video on the web site which helped me with the repair!

Save Time

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It may sound faster to buy a new appliance or call an engineer, but by the time you’ve walked around the shops, picked out a new one and had it delivered, or had a call out the waited for the actual fix, you could have just fixed it yourself!

Mike enjoyed his quick fix!

The part i wanted was found in a few minutes and ordered a few minutes later, very simple process. Part arrived on time and was fitted in seconds!

Protect the Environment

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According to Electrical Safety First, 170 million electrical items are purchased every year and only a third of these are recycled when they come to the end of their lifecycle. By fixing your appliances, your reducing the amount being sent to landfill and helping to protect the environment!

Sheena is doing her bit!

Having found and used the eSpares Web has been a godsend to fix my units that are far from ready to be scraped. Saves unnecessary personal expenditure and the environment for dumping unnecessary waste. Suits me.

Grow Your Skills

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Learn it once, use it forever! When you learn how to fix it yourself, the next time won’t be so daunting and you’ll learn a skill for life! Not only that, you can save money for years to come and help out your loved ones. Because what’s better than showing off to your friends!

Deborah plucked up the courage and gained a new skill!

I am the original ‘they can see me coming’ potential customer yet I defied the odds by ordering spares from eSpares! I feel such a huge sense of achievement. I have saved money, saved the environment and added new skills to my growing repertoire.  Thank you eSpares!

Bask in the Glory!

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You know that feeling you get when you’ve assembled that annoying flat pack furniture? Well, it’s the same when you fix your appliance! Become a hero and reap in the glory every time someone uses it, because trust us, the phrase ‘I fixed that’ never gets old!

Brian is now the hero of the household!

3rd time I have used eSpares. Buy product, watch video, change the part, enjoy the hero worship. This is made so easy. Highly recommend.

If your appliance has developed a fault, head over to our advice centre for handy hints, tips and spare parts.

Join the fix it society and take part in International Repair Day On Saturday 20th October! Find out how you can get involved! 

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