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Warning: Reports of Dangerous Time Terror on the Loose

Dangerous appliance fiend known as the Time Terror sighted around the UK

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e have received several terrifying reports that a monster, known as the Time Terror, is running rampant. This unspeakable creature moves from household to household wasting people’s money by giving them the feeling that they don’t have time to fix their faulty appliances themselves.

The spooky way the Time Terror operates is to distort time itself, making his victims think appliance repairs will take much longer than they actually will.

David Barrett from Medway describes his narrow escape from the Time Terror:

“I borrowed a friend’s Flymo Vac and quite accidentally broke the impeller with a loose stone. I looked up eSpares and found the part I needed and read a review saying how difficult it was to fit. The part arrived promptly and I thought it would take 30mins to fit. However, within ten minutes the Flymo was working as good as new. I was pleased, my friend was pleased, what a relief to have a happy ending.”

No doubt the “review” Mr Barrett mentions was submitted by the Time Terror in a cruel attempt to deter people from fixing their appliances.

Time Terror Wanted Poster

“With the right knowledge some fixes can take seconds”

Chris @ eSpares, Appliance Engineer

We reached out to Chris, one of the appliance experts at eSpares, to get his advice on dealing with this horrible monster.

Chris explained, “It’s much easier than you might think to fix it yourself. Of course some appliance repairs take longer than others, but with the right knowledge some fixes can take seconds.

“Here at eSpares we want to stop the Time Terror in his tracks. That’s why we make tons of advice videos and articles helping people like Mr Barrett to repair their

“appliance quickly. Together we can beat this menace to society!”

If you feel like you don’t have time to fix your faulty appliances the Time Terror may well be lurking in your home.

Official advice recommends that you contact eSpares straight away. They’ll give you the help you need to speedily repair your appliance faults and rid the Time Terror from your household for good.

We’ve got no time for the Time Terror’s associates either. We report on how to keep your home safe from the menace of the Money Monster and Count Confidence.

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