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6 Appliances You Need to Help You Survive Winter

It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s miserable. Yep, it’s definitely winter. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Winter is the season of bonfires, hot chocolate, comfy jumpers and of course Christmas. (It’s November so we’re allowed to mention this particular C-word now, right?) To help you survive, nay, enjoy winter in all its blustery glory you might need a little help from your appliances.

Here are the best electrical friends (yes, we consider appliances friends, thank you very much) to help you through the long dark nights.

Mature Couple Warm In Bed

Toasty Warm Electric Blanket

In summer having to share a bed can be sweaty and uncomfortable. Winter is quite the opposite! Getting into a toasty warm bed is a delight. But if you don’t have a spouse or significant other to drape your frosty feet over, an electric blanket is the next best thing. (And if you are particularly prone to chills, try both.)

Broccoli Soup In Bowl

Comforting Homemade Soup Maker

Few dinners will warm you up as efficiently on a dark winter’s eve as hot soup. Some soups can be time consuming and expensive to make, but there are lots of delicious recipes out there that can be knocked together with just a few store cupboard ingredients. If you have a soup maker even better as the process is easier still. Ladles of winter happiness.

Beef Stew In Slow Cooker

Ultra Convenient Slow Cooker

Slaving over a hot stove isn’t quite so unbearable in winter; in fact you might be glad of the extra heat added to your home. But if you want a hot meal immediately when you get in the door, a slow cooker could be for you. You can prepare ingredients the night before (or in the morning if you’re an early bird) and pop them all in the slow cooker before you head out for the day. All that’s left to do once you’re home is dish up and tuck in.

Tumble Dryer With laundry Inside

Tumble Dryer – Ultimate Winter Survival

Wet, windy weather means your garden won’t provide the same great conditions for drying clothes as it did in summer. No one wants frost bitten jeans and towels, so having a tumble dryer is a godsend. It’s one of those appliances you won’t use much in summer, but that’s well worth having in the winter for preventing damp in your home and being able to put on a toasty warm jumper fresh out of the dryer.

Dehumidifier On Grey Background

Practical Dehumidifying Appliances

Speaking of damp, if your home suffers from condensation over the winter months there are a few ways to help reduce moisture levels. Always use extractor fans and keep the windows open a crack when cooking or showering. Keep your home well heated too. And invest in a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers can monitor the moisture levels in the air ensuring your home is nice and dry, but not too dry (which can also be an issue.)

Family Warming Hands On Electric Heater In Winter

Warming Electric Heater

Got an area of your home which is always a little colder than the rest? Sheds, garages, conservatories and rarely used home offices that need a burst of heat to be habitable will all benefit from an electric heater. Electric heaters are a handy way to turn up the temperature of your home as they heat fast and efficiently.

You may well feel sorry for yourself when temperatures drop and the chances of getting a pesky cold seem to dramatically increase. But feel glad instead that we live in a time that has so many appliances to make winter a little bit more bearable each year!


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