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Here’s Why We Love Supporting Fix It Week Every Year

Fix It Week 2016 starts on 15 October and here at eSpares we’re excited! If you’ve shopped with us regularly over the years you’ll most likely have seen us mention Fix It Week before, but if you’re new to eSpares (welcome) you might be wondering, what actually is Fix It Week?

Put simply, it’s a national event promoting the value of DIY fixes. A little bit of knowledge about repairs around your home has the potential to save you lots of money over the years. Repairing appliances and electronics also helps to protect the planet, by saving them from landfill.

Here’s Mat with a little more information:

Even if you’ve never repaired anything before Fix It Week is the perfect time to start. Replace blown oven bulbs, change cooker hood filters or even just clean your smelly washing machine. There are most likely a few niggling annoyances around your home that could do with fixing.

How We’re Supporting Fix It Week

To help you fix it yourself this week we’ve got loads of resources to help you.

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Like our Facebook page for handy DIY and appliance hacks all week long. Don’t miss the chance to share your DIY stories for the chance to win some amazing prizes too, including an iPad Air 2!


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Right here on the blog we’ll be sharing tips on carrying out stress free DIY (yes, it can be done!) and information on how to maintain your appliances to save money.


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Our Advice Centre, as always, has over 500 how to video tutorials to help you carry out appliance repairs from the simple to the more advanced.


Start small, build up your confidence and experience and you’ll soon be a DIY pro. Happy fixing!


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  1. L.Redmond

    on October 12, 2016 at 1:57 pm - Reply

    A Samsung fridge/freezer seem to be defrosting quite abit the drain hole i s clear what could the problem be.

    • Eleanor

      on October 12, 2016 at 2:34 pm - Reply


      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your fridge/freezer.

      Without a model number we can only give general advice, but if you can feel warmth outside the machine, from the side panel or back, then it’s trying to remove the heat from the inside. If this is the case and it’s a frost free appliance it may be blocked by ice. Please see our video: How to diagnose a fault with a frost free fridge freezer:

      Hope this helps.

      Eleanor @ eSpares

  2. David Risley

    on October 14, 2016 at 10:43 am - Reply

    Possibly air leaking in the door, check the door seal is making good clean contact all around. Moisture/condensation forms in fridges and freezers when air is getting in. Warm air will freeze to the evaporator if the door is left open excessively or if the seal is not making properly. When the door is closed and the fridge then stabilises inside this then tends to melt thus causing excess condensation. in the case of freezers this does not melt but builds up causing further problems so it is important to keep a check on a freezer and defrost it regularly. A combination fridge/freezer can work excessively if the freezer box becomes over iced and lead to excess damp in the fridge section.

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