Happy Valentines!

For those who don’t already know, Valentine’s Day is named after one or more early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. The day existed for some time without any reference or relation to love and romance. The first recorded association of Valentines to romantic love is in ‘Parlement of Foules’ by the famous poet Chaucer. Chaucer wrote a poem of love to honour the first anniversary of the engagement of King Richard of England to Anne of Bohemia.

From there forward Valentines became associated with romance and love. Historically the sentiment from one to another remained original and specific to each person. However, as years passed the sentiment has become less original and/or personal with companies like Hallmark producing cards with the same messages on them for the masses. Whether you received a personal Valentine’s message from a loved one, a mass produced/ generic message from a loved one or nothing; have a Happy Valentines from eSpares!

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