Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s mighty cold out there and the dropping temperature might be just the excuse needed to stay indoors and get some good ol’ cleaning/ chores completed. This way when the weather does start to look better and your mates are all headed out for a knees up you won’t be kicking yourself thinking ‘why the heck didn’t I get this stuff sorted whilst I should have! Even better if you have any little ones kicking around why not get them to help out and spread the work load, making less for all. Why not have them help out with some washing up?

Just be sure to exercise caution and mind you don’t end up with a Bobby Brady situation (see below) Bless, he had great intentions but didn’t quite end up in the place he had probably hoped. See that your own little Bobbys and Barbaras have some helpful instruction then chuck on the 6 Nations, grab a brew and put your feet up!

Happy Friday and a fine weekend to y’all

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