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The eSpares Work Experience

It’s time for us to say a fond farewell to Hubert, who’s been working with the eSpares marketing team for the last couple of weeks on a work experience placement. We asked him to write a few words about his time here. Take it away Hubert….

Well, wow! This has been quite different to what I’ve been used to… A longer day, much more responsibility, and a much clearer idea of what is to be achieved. “Well, that’s working life for you!” you might say, and it might indeed be – I’ll, however, try to explain what work at eSpares is like.

Every morning, us office lot arrive at 9am, some more drowsy, some less. However, that’s not bad; our colleagues at the call centre have been here since 8am, ready to help customers with any issues, queries, or simply helping them to run through the sale process. It’s actually quite a difficult process for an observer, what call centre people do, but to them it’s become almost natural, flicking between all the different pages and software they use to be able to help the customer as fast as possible, in the simplest way.

Then there’s where I worked; Marketing. Here we think about how to get things to you best and how to optimise your experience as a customer; how to make you find your parts as easily as possible, how to keep you informed and how to make sure you don’t get confused at any point. It may be a tricky job but I’d say eSpares are somewhat naturals (insert standing ovation here).

Here’s where most things that reach you are planned; promotional e-mails, website changes, etc. And here’s where all the planning for the videos are done. We rack our brains (and the internet) to find ways in which we can make the demonstrations easier to follow.

Then, beyond the finance department we have the computer guys. The IT department runs the website and makes sure everything’s working well and operating smoothly – it’s amazing to think that our huge website is managed and run by only 7 people!

Last along the line there’s the warehouse, where we get stuff picked, packed and posted. This is a very difficult job, seeing as each person in there goes through hundreds of orders a day. They package your order carefully so it’s not damaged in transit and make sure that the right courier delivers everything on time.

So, when you’re there, happily receiving the items you ordered, these are the people to thank. Everyone in eSpares does their bit to make sure you, the customer, are as happy as possible.

That’s probably why I’ve enjoyed it so much here; yes, it is a retailer, so the objective is to sell, but here at eSpares the main concern truly is providing the customers with the best service they can have. When it comes to spare parts, eSpares are the best.

So thank you, the Marketing Department and all of eSpares – you’ve really made me look at the world of work and think “Hmm. This might not be so bad!”.

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